Welcome to the Madison Valley, the place we call Home. We
share it, of course, with the elk and the deer, the cows and
the horses, the miners and the conservationists, all of us

Neighbor still knows neighbor and respect & courtesy aren’t
all that hard to find.

We serve whiskey without shot counters, beef that we raise and
a healthy dose of stories that we’ve lived.

We play music with memories and put a bit of character into
everything, whether we are pouring a drink, grilling a steak
or making a bed.

We leave politics to the politicians and judgement to the judges.

At the McAllister Inn we embody the spirit of home in all our
amenities from the Steakhouse to the Bar to our Lodging.
We endeavor above all, to create a space where you can
check your troubles at the door and truly enjoy some of the
best Montana life has to offer.

So if you are feeling the notion, come on by and stay awhile.